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Our Story,

The concept of The Blue Collar Box was created by one of your own. Works in construction and knows the daily struggles of maintaining clean work clothes. He knows what it's like going shopping after a hard day's work to replace the clothes he bought just a few days ago, well spent money down the drain covered in filth with nasty rips. Strong Quality work clothes can be quite expensive, that's why we created The Blue Collar Box.


We partnered with the brands you know and love, to ship you monthly work clothes. You now can rely on us to go shopping for you and make sure you have fresh and comfortable clothes monthly. 


Subscription boxes are the best way to get you what you need, from your home, delivered right to your door. Say goodbye to shopping, expensive clothes and those rips and stains. The Blue Collar Box is here for you, just one click away. 

Construction worker working on a constru
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